2013: #10 No

Directed by: Pablo Larraín
Written by:  Pedro Peirano
Starring: Gael García Bernal, Alfredo Castro, Luis Gnecco, Antonia Zegers, Marcial Tagle, and Néstor Cantillana
Distributer: Sony Pictures Classics
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish
Rating: R
Running Time: 118 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.37:1
Date released: 2/15/2013
Date seen: 3/9/2013
Worldwide Box Office Gross: $1.6 Million
# of Oscar nominations: 1 (Best Foreign Language Film [2012])
# of Golden Stake Nominations: 1 (Best Adapted Screenplay)
# of Golden Stakes Won: 0

Every year I always reserve my number ten slot for something that’s… a little different.  Usually it’s either something that I feel has been a little forgotten by other critics come year end, sometimes it’s a movie that I’m not quite sure about, and sometimes its just there to fill some sort of slot that’s missing from the rest of my list.  This year I went with the Chilean drama No, which was the first film I watched this year but which has stayed with me all this time.  The film, which is about a referendum election that took place in Chile to decide whether Pinochet would stay in power, finds an interesting perspective to take on the story by focusing on the advertising executive in charge of promoting the “vote no” side of the election.  Given the events of the Arab Spring and more recently in Ukraine, this story of regime change is quite topical but the film isn’t overly heavy.  In fact I’ve long compared it to Argo in its ability to tell a political story in a fun and accessible way and the director’s decision to film it using the television video production style of the time makes it a unique experience as well.
Full Review

Year End Honors #9

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