2007: #10 Sunshine

Directed by: Danny Boyle
Written by: Alex Garland
: Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne, Chris Evens, Michelle Yeoh, and Hiroyuki Sanada
: Fox Searchlight
: UK
: English
: R
Aspect Ratio
: 2.35:1
Date released
: 7/27/2007
Date seen
: 7/30/2007
Worldwide Box Office Gross
: $31,944,352
# of Oscar nominations
: 0
# of Golden Stake Nominations
: 6 (Art Direction, Score, Editing, Original Screenplay, and Trailer)
# of Golden Stakes Won
: 1 (Most Underappreciated)

I usually reserve my number ten slot for a film that I think has been over looked and underappreciated;  something that might not quite be better than some of the honorable mentions, but which should have gotten more support from the public in general.  Danny Boyle’s Sunshine is a perfect example of this.  Space movies usually come in two forms: films trying to be 2001: A Space Odyssey, and films trying to be AlienSunshine, to me, is a film that manages to bridges that gap and effectively become both an intelligent sci-fi movie and a gripping thriller.  It has become a polarizing movie and I can see why some people are a bit hesitant to embrace it, but I truly think it belongs among 2007’s best.

Full Review

Year End Honors #9

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