2016 Best Line of Dialogue Nominees

There’s kind of a long history of me botching this category, picking lines of dialogue that certainly sound pretty cool to me at the time but which don’t really end up picking up and standing the test of time.  Maybe that will happen again, I don’t know, whatever.

  • “For a guy with three hearts, you are not very nice.” – Finding Dory: My favorite part of Finding Dory, by a lot, was Hank the octopus.  This guy was a misanthrope who would do anything to avoid going back to the open ocean and was often kind of in it for themselves.  I could relate.  Just the same I do like this cute little line where he’s kind of called out for his bullshit and with a neat little marine biology factoid to boot.
  • “Would that it were so simple” – Hail, Caesar: This is probably the most quoted quote of the year, at least within the circles I tend to run in, which is odd given that it’s a line that doesn’t sound terribly interesting when looked at outside the context of the scene.  Then again “who’s on first” probably doesn’t sound that interesting in and of itself either.  The line is probably said a thousand times within the funniest scene of Hail Caesar and kind of gets funnier each time.
  • “I’ll never stop chasing you – I’m relentless, I’m like the Terminator… you’re more like Sarah Connor, and in the first movie too, before she could do chin-ups.” – Hunt for the Wilderpeople: Hearing pop culture references like this don’t always work for me, in fact they often kind of annoy me, but this one worked for me.  Partly because this woodland chase seemed like a rather bizarre place for someone to be bringing up The Terminator and secondly because Paula does not seem like the likeliest character to do it.  The line serves a useful plot point to as it shows how obsessed she’s getting and illustrates how this obsession is coming from a kind of petty and childish place.
  • “If you encounter any problems you cannot resolve yourselves, you will be assigned children, that usually helps.” – The Lobster: Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster is a strange little satire, certainly one of the most unusual depictions of modern romance in recent memory.  This line in particular sort of plays into the film’s not so subtle allegory and points out a sort of truth about the consequences of a relationship obsessed culture: that people get so obsessed with being in a couple that they don’t know they hate each other until they’ve already reproduced.
  • “I’m known for being quite vexing. I’m just forewarning you.” – Suicide Squad: One of the more endearing comedy tropes in movies is the character who sort of drives everyone around them crazy.  That’s the setup promised by this moment where a military commander says he’s kill anyone who annoys or vexes him.  Harley’s response makes it clear that this was probably not the smartest threat to make to someone with Harley Quinn’s personality.  There’s also something about the syntax here that’s just amusing.  “I’m just forewarning you”?  There’s a poetry to that word choice.

And the Golden Stake goes to…