2016 Best Action Movie Nominees

I really can’t believe this.  There wasn’t a single traditional shoot ‘em up action movie to consider this year.  It’s all super heroes and space operas.  Aside from Jason Bourne which I don’t consider to be an award worthy movie at all, I can hardly even think of a movie I saw all year which fits the bill of being a real action movie.  Can’t even think of may movies I skipped this year that fit the bill.  This is sad.  What the hell?

  • Captain America: Civil War: The Captain America movies have always been a little heavier on traditional action filmmaking than some of the other Marvel franchises.  That’s sort of the case this time around but sort of not.  There are so damn many Marvel heroes in this thing that there’s a variety of super hero styles represented that it’s barely a Captain America movie really and is closer to what you’d expect from The Avengers.  Still there were definitely some sweet action scenes we got out of it.
  • Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange is an interesting case because it finds kind of unique ways to do action within a superhero movie.  Using weird spells instead of conventional fighting, the movie has a couple of interesting foot chases as well as a neat scene where Dr. Stange fights some of the bad guys while teleporting between two locations.
  • Star Trek Beyond: The Star Trek reboot series has been more action oriented than the original show or the earlier movies were and that kind of goes double for this Justin Lin helmed installment of the series.  Between the big battle that brings down the Enterprise to the various scuffles on the planet, to “sabotage,” to the final confrontation on the space station this movie is pretty packed with cool actions scenes.
  • Star Wars: Rogue One: For a Star Wars movie, Rogue One isn’t really as action packed as you’d think.  It’s got special effects all over the place for sure, and there’s some espionage moments throughout the first couple acts, but it doesn’t really start behaving like an action movie until the final third, when things start popping off in a big way.  That last battle really saves the movie and becomes very exciting both on the planet surface and in the space battle above.
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: X-Men: Apocalypse had its problems but from a strictly action perspective it is probably at least the… fourth best X-Men movie.  Yeah that’s not exactly the greatest boast you could make, but it’s a weak year in this category.  The movie does have some cool action scenes in it like that last fight against Apocalypse and probably some other good stuff that I’m not remembering off the top of my head.

And the Golden Stake goes to…