2014 Shootout of the Year Nominees

When action movie characters aren’t beating each other up or drving at reckless speeds they are usually shooting each other.  That’s what this category is all about, scenes where people are using guns to solve their problems.  Eligible scenes will feature characters engaged in combat using firearms of some variety.  High body counts and creative shooting strategies are encouraged.

  • Final Shootout- American Sniper: American Sniper ends with a sequence of Chris Kyle taking out his rival sniper from the top of a two or three story building surrounded by enemies.  The sniper shot itself is an interesting shot taken at a distance but the bulk of the firefight is done with conventional assault rifle fire and grenades as they wait for a helicopter to evacuate them in the middle of a sandstorm.  The key to the scene is how overwhelmed the soldiers seem from their position and the way it conveys the chaos of combat.
  • Charging the Colony- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: The apes in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes are generally pretty anti-gun but that changes pretty quickly once Koba takes charge and this scene is the result.  In it the apes take up arms and launch an all-out attack on the human colony.  The apes absolutely riddle the colony with bullets and even manage to commandeer a tank at one point.  It’s a chaotic scene set at nighttime, but Matt Reeves keeps in coherent and exciting.
  • Competent on the Beach- Edge of Tomorrow: The protagonist of Edge of Tomorrow spends most of the first quarter of the film incompetently getting himself killed and then using the power he’s obtained to revive himself an try again.  Eventually he gets to the point where he knows where all his enemies will be and finds himself shooting at everything with incredible competence, a trick which earns the attention of Emily Blunt’s character, which alters the story in a big way.
  • Second Floor Shootout- The Grand Budapest Hotel: Wes Anderson isn’t exactly known for scenes of violence but he isn’t above having his characters pull out firearms if only for the purposes of cognitive dissonance.  This scene occurs during a part of the film’s climax where most of the parties are assembled on the second floor of the hotel on different sides and all start shooting at each other at once.  The effect is fanciful rather than gritty and intense but it’s a fun shootout just the same.
  • Diner Shootout- Nightcrawler: This is a very brief scene but it is impactful.  In it our main character is standing outside of a restaurant with a camera knowing full well that the place is about to erupt in violence.  A pair of cops walk into the building and the two hardened criminals sitting at a table eyeball them.  Then another pair of cops walk in and the criminals almost immediately open fire.  The scene is realistically quick and brutal and he fact that we see it all from the outside through the main characters camera makes it very unique and memorable.

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