2013 Chase of the Year Nominees

The third of the specific action sequence categories is the chase scene of the year.  This is for any kind of scene where people are chasing each other across a distance.  Car chases are the most popular of course, but foot chases are also acceptable and so are chases on motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and other assorted vehicles.

  • Tank – Fast & Furious 6: Universal pictures probably secured the financial success of this Fast & Furious sequel on February 3rd 2013 when during a trailer airing during the Super Bowl, we saw Ludacris say “Uhh, guys, they have a tank.”  The idea of these former car-thieve having to take down a modern military tank that’s rampaging across a Spanish highway is exactly the kind of lunacy we expect from this franchise.
  • Cornfield Chase – The Last Stand: The Last Stand is, among other things, one of the strangest commercials for General Motors vehicles that has ever been made.  All the cars in the movie are made by GM and they show off all aspects of their line from simple pickups and suburbans to the villain’s $100,000 Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1.  At the film’s climax this sports car finds itself being chased though a cornfield by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s driving a simple Camero.  Its not the first movie to feature cars going through a corn crop, but it’s an image I’ve always found intriguing.
  • Armored Car Robbery – Pain & Gain: Pain & Gain wasn’t really an action movie, but Michael Bay went ahead and departed from the true story in order to give us this crazy foot chase between The Rock and a bunch of trigger happy police.  In it, a coked out of his mind character played by The Rock tries to commandeer a bag of money from an armored car and is chased all over the streets of Miami.  The Rock’s hulk-like size and his character’s insane recklessness make it a very memorable piece in what is otherwise a very inconsistent film.
  • Post Robbery Police Chase – The Place Beyond the Pines: This short but very memorable chase scene from The Place Beyond the Pines shows Ryan Gostling’s character attempting to escape from a bank robbery gone wrong on his motocross cycle.  Common police officers try to coordinate the chase as Gostling uses the mobility of his bike to weave through traffic and go off-road.  It ends with a plausible crash which leads into a tense confrontation in a house he runs into which will alter the film dramaticly.
  • Chasing Down Khan – Star Trek Into Darkness: I was more than a little annoyed by the way that this Star Trek sequel felt the need to borrow the motif of a character screaming “Kaaaaahhhhnn” to the heavens, but at least the emotion of that scene sets up this foot chase in which Spock desperately chases down Kahn through the streets of future San Francisco and onto some flying trucks.  There’s something oddly appealing about the way Zachary Quinto is running here and I also like that we finally get a good idea of what city streets are like in Star Trek’s world.

And the Golden Stake goes to…


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