2013 Best Poster Nominees

I’m a little bit obsessed by movie posters and this is consistently one of the awards I have the most fun handing out.  There are, however, a lot of eligibility caveats.  First of all I’m only counting posters for 2013 films irregardless of what year the actual poster came out.  Secondly I’m only looking at the posters for films I’ve actually seen so I can know for sure whether or not the image represents the film at hand.  And finally, I’m only looking at domestic posters and I’m only looking at posters that are officially (and widely) released by studios, so fan art and mondo prints will not be eligible.

  • 42:
    This Jackie Robinson biopic was not very worthy of its subject, but this poster is.  First of all, the person designing the poster clearly knew enough about Robinson’s playing career to know he was most famous for his base running, and as such he opted for this action pose of him sliding into a base.  That’s neat, but what really makes this special is the decision to orient this image vertically instead of horizontally.  It sort of gives the illusion that Robinson is standing upright with his arms victoriously stretched in the air.  It’s a brilliant way to make a relatively simple image stand out.
  • All is Lost:
    The other posters here all have some kind of high concept or gimmick, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but this poster is a great example of how a poster can work simply by choosing a dramatic moment in a film and recreate it effectively.  I’m not sure if this is an actual still from the movie, but the poster does a great job of simply presenting the Robert Redford character as he’s in the middle of a dramatic situation.  The rainfall is captured perfectly and really livens up the whole thing.  It also doesn’t ruin it by cluttering the rest of the poster up too much.
  • The Bling Ring:
    The characters in The Bling Ring are very shallow and materialistic individuals so it’s only fitting that this teaser poster would reduce them to their (designer) possessions.  The design is obviously minimalist, but there was clearly a lot of thought put into it.  Each pair of sunglasses is selected carefully and you actually do sort of picture each character based upon the sight of each one when combined with the descriptors that are matched to each one.  Cool choice of font for the title too.
  • Like Someone in Love:
    Early in Like Someone in Love the lead character takes a ride in the back of the cab and the camera focuses in on her face as all the lights in Tokyo are reflected onto the car’s windows.  It’s one of the most visually striking scenes in the film and I’m pretty glad that the poster designer seized upon it and also managed to pick just the right frame from it which would show her face surrounded but not overshadowed by the lights.
  • Nebraska:
    Nebraska is a film with an interesting look, but there weren’t a ton of visually exciting ways to advertise it.  As such, the poster artist really needed to think outside the box in order to come up with something memorable.  What ended up doing is finding a really creative way to present Bruce Dern in silhouette with the light just capturing his features on the top and right.  The cool retro lettering on the bottom is the cherry on top.

And the Golden Stake goes to…


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