2012 Best Poster Nominees

They probably aren’t really a huge part of a film’s publicity anymore, but they remain a cherished tradition within film culture and are major artifacts that become part of a film’s mythology.  As with the trailer category, this will only be covering posters from film’s that have been released in 2012 and will only be looking at the posters to films that I’ve seen.

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild:
    It’s not easy to advertise a non-genre film with no actors and with a concept that is kind of hard to explain.  What the Fox Searchlight did to work around this was to pick an evocative image and stick with it, in this case the shot of Hushpuppy running with a pair of sparklers.  The poster then keeps the image out of focus in order to give it an aura of the fantastical.
  • The Cabin in the Woods:
    The Cabin in the Woods was a tough movie to market because it had a concept that wasn’t supposed to really be revealed and didn’t really have a monster that you could put front and center.  Instead the people at Lionsgate have focused in on the key word in the title: the cabin.  The poster they came up with is a nicely creepy and surreal representation of an evil cabin as sort of Rubik’s Cube.
  • Looper:
    Most movie posters are either really busy or really minimalist, and this one skews closer to the later.  Of course if you’re going to make a poster that’s pretty much just your two main actors standing in the center you can still do it with style, and that’s what the people at Tristar did with this poster.  The idea of putting Bruce Willis right in the center of Joseph Gordon Levitt is a pretty good representation of the film’s concept and I dig the explodey dissolvey effect.
  • Sleepwalk With Me:
    This is a poster that can most certainly be called “quirky.”  There’s a lot of negative space and I dig the way that it combines pencil sketch with a photographed actor.  These sketches give a neat little step by step version the most dramatic part of Mike Birbiglia’s story and I also quite like the tagline: “A Comedy for anyone who’s ever had a dream.  And then jumped out a window.”  Good job IFC films.
  • The Woman in Black:
    I’m usually a little hesitant to nominate teaser posters in this category, but this was creepy enough to earn an exception.  We’ve seen these “photos with scratched out faces” thing before in movies like One Hour Photo, but it works well here especially with the twist of this being a really old photo.  The subtle demon in the back is also well incorporated and the whole “children seeing things” theme ties in well with the film’s plot.

And the Golden Stake goes to…


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