2009 Best Supporting Actress Nominees

I’m not going to waste to much time writing an intro for this or the other acting awards; there aren’t any special concerns about this category.

  • Diane Kruger- Inglorious Basterds: Quentin Tarentino has long been known for giving strong roles to women and there are two such roles in his World War 2 epic.  Playing the fictional German actress Bridget von Hammersmark, Kruger needed to stand toe to toe with both the  hillbilly swagger of Brad Pitt’s character and the freakish evil of Christoph Waltz’ character in key scenes.  She also needs to be a charismatic celebrity with a secret alliance.  She accomplishes both.
  • Mo’nique- Precious: I hate Precious as a film and think the rave reviews it’s been recieveing are ridiculous.  However, there is one element to the film that has lived up to the hype and that’s the acting by its two leading ladies.  The work of comedienne Mo’nique was particularly noteworthy because this jokester was somehow able to transform herself into the most hellish mother imaginable.
  • Marion Cotillard- Public Enemies: It seemed like I was one of the few people who was utterly unimpressed by Cotillard’s ghastly performance in La Vie En Rose which somehow won her an Oscar.  But in this movie she really won me over.  The minute you saw her in the movie you completely understood why John Dillinger would want her to be the Bonnie to his Clyde.  Her excellent presence in what is otherwise a rather anemic role gives some much needed heart to the movie.
  • Julianne Moore- A Single Man: What’s probably the best scene of A Single Man is a scene towards the end of the second act in which Colin Firth’s character visits his friend played by Julianne Moore.  The two actors have really good chemistry and you can tell why these two characters function well as friends.  While her character is sort of a ditz, the way Moore plays her makes the character into something more.
  • Anna Kendrick- Up in the Air: I did not know who Anna Kendrick was before seeing Up in the Air, but I must say I was impressed.  I have a few issues with the way that her character was written and some of those weaknesses affect the performance, but I won’t hold that against her, and in some ways her ability to transcend some questionable dialogue is a virtue.  She’s so good in this that she manages to completely upstage a vet like Vera Farmiga, and that’s impressive.

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