2009 Best Actress Winner


I try not to turn the Golden Stakes into a bunch of potshots at the Oscars, but I really need to say that this year’s Best Actress slate from the Academy is a joke.  No one seems to give a damn about the actual performances; they’re just fighting over which movie star is more “overdue.”  Granted, this kind of thing happens pretty often with the Academy, but its particularly bad with this category this year.  If there’s justice in the world Sidibe will somehow pull an upset, but I don’t even need to settle for that, because the real performance of the year wasn’t even nominated.  The work Gainsbourg does in Antichrist easily puts Streep’s little imitation to shame and to say that Bullock’s sassy little performance is better than something this powerful is a joke.  Fortunately for Gainsbourg, there was an award at the Cannes film festival to be won, because she never had a chance amongst these superficial voters.

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