Year End Content 2018 & Announcement

With the Oscars behind us the time has finally come to close the book on 2018 as a year in film.  As such I have at long last posted the 2018 Golden Stake Awards and I’ve updated the Yearly Top Ten page with my 2018 choices.  Those can be accessed at the following links:

The 2018 Golden Stakes

2018 Top Ten

I’m also taking the change in years to announce some changes coming to the blog going forward.  Up to now my goal has been to write a full-length review for every movie I saw in theaters and reserve the capsule review format exclusively to movies from that year which I caught up with on home video and the occasional documentary.  I’ve been pretty rigorous in making this happen and have only missed a couple of reviews as a result but in the last couple of years this has begun to a feel a bit limiting.  There have been more than a few situations where I’ve had some interest in seeing a movie in theaters but have skipped out on it simply to avoid burdening myself with adding it to the review backlog.  Back when I was on a somewhat limited budget that instinct mixed well with my wallet, but now that programs like Stubs A-List exist this is less of an issue and in many ways I just want to see more and more at the theaters.  As such, in 2019 I’m going to begin expanding the capsule review format to select movies I see theatrically.  I still plan to do plenty of my customary full-length longwinded analysis for the premier movies, possibly just as many as ever, but I’m going to reserve the right to do shorter and more to-the-point reviews of other movies which may well be quality films but films I simply have less to say about.  I’m not sure how exactly I’ll be presenting these shorter reviews on the blog, they might be in sets of five like my Home Video Round-Ups, but I may experiment with other layouts.  Hopefully this will simply lead to more and more film discussion around here and more breathing room to work on the longer reviews as well.

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