The Top 100 Movies of the 2000s


In late 2009 i put together a list of what I considered to be the top 100 movies made between 2000 and 2009… and now I’ve finally got around to posting it here.  I don’t necessarily stand by every choice I made on it and I’ve certainly seen other films from the decade since making it that would surly make the list if I were creating it today, but I’ve opted to post the list in its original form as a snapshot of my views at that particular moment in time.  I’ve made some minor typographic and stylistic alterations to my original captions, but they too have remained substantially unchanged.  For the most part, I do think the list more or less holds up.

So, there’s a special page dedicated to the list, which is fully formatted and features poster art and some credit details for each installment:


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